Here at Student Space Systems, we want to make sure that our leadership reflects the wants and needs of the general membership as closely as possible. To accomplish this, the Executive Board is elected directly by the General Members at the end of each year by a process of Single Transferable Vote.

Take a few minutes to meet the Board Members of Student Space Systems!

Administrative President

Michael Castells

Oversees and guides all internal and external logistics, including funding, club culture, policies, and club vision.

Technical President

David Hickox

Oversees all things technical, including projects, management, and standards, as well as club vision.

Director of Avionics

Abby Starr

Responsible for all electrical and computational systems on launch vehicles, as well as any other systems and prototypes for communications and control.

Director of Propulsion

Scott Brindise

Responsible for all mainline rocket engine development, as well as testing and fuel onloading hardware.

Director of Research & Development

Michael Ardovitch

Responsible for managing prototyping research for advanced technologies as well as technical competitions.

Director of Structures

Konstantine Morakalis

Responsible for launch vehicle airframes, internal structures, integration of propulsive and electronic systems, and launch towers.


Varun Sharma

Responsible for managing all financial assets of SSS and standards for approval of expenditures.

Internal Director

Pranav Goel

Responsible for delivering a quality club experience to members. Oversees member education and enrichment as well as social activities.

External Director

Sparsh Sinha

Responsible for procuring funding and new members, as well as developing lasting relationships with companies and university administration. Oversees outreach programs to youth.

Safety Director

Miron Liu

Responsible for all safety standard as well as technical policies relating to external standards set by landlords, the university, and the government.

System Administrator

Jerry Balan

Responsible for creating, maintaining, and running all software, servers, and systems owned or operated by SSS.