Present day launch vehicle engineers have access to a wealth of knowledge and tools spanning from computation to manufacturing that we could only dream of half a century ago. At Student Space Systems we believe that these advancements are powerful enough to put access to space within the reach of universities around the world. Our goal is to drastically reduce the difficulty of performing high altitude experimentation for research groups at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by providing reliable cost-of-fuel access beyond the Kármán line. In the process, we hope to inspire other universities to reach for the stars with their own space access programs.

Even with 21st century technology, developing space systems takes years of experience and wisdom. At Student Space Systems we believe the pathway to space is dependent on reliable liquid-fueled rocket technology. Therefore we focus heavily on developing liquid rocket engines, the technology supporting these types of rockets, and most importantly the knowledge and tools required to safely and reliable build, test, and launch these vehicles.